Privacy Policy

Basic Information

Personal Data Administrator

Visa Workers s.r.o is registered at the office at Brno, Nováčkova 1542/13, postcode 614 00, company identification 07750170 incorporated in the Companies Register kept by the Municipal Court in Brno, Section C, Insert 109929 as a data administrator shall process your personal data.

    Type of Data Processed

    Personal Data Provided By You

    We process personal data provided by you.

    More Information

    We need the information which is referred to as mandatory in Visa process. If you contact us by sending us a message, we shall also process your personal data stated in such communication. All personal information filled in during your usage of system are considered private.

    Personal Data Processed Automatically

    When you visit our website, we may collect certain information such the IP address, date and time of the visit to our website, information about your Internet browser, operation system or language settings. We may also process information about your conduct on our website, such as links opened. The details of your conduct on the web are anonymised for the maximum protection of your privacy, the therefore we are not able to match them with a particular person.

    If you access our website from your mobile phone or a similar device or through one of our mobile applications, we can process information about your mobile device, too (mobile phone details, records of application failure etc.).


    We automatically process cookies.

    Mobile Version

    If you access our website from a phone, tablet or similar device, you access the version optimised for such devices. Your personal data is processed similarly to the computer access.

    Assertion of rights and legal claims and inspection by public authorities: we can also process your personal data in order to assert our rights and legal claims. We may also process your data for inspections by public authorities and other serious reasons.

    Legitimate Interest

    We also use your personal data to provide you the relevant content, which may be of interest to you. On the grounds of legitimate interest, we process particular personal data, which is processed automatically, and cookies.

    We may also send you e-mails and text messages on the same legal grounds.

    Transfer of Personal Data to Third Parties

    Your personal data is transferred to third parties in the following cases:

    • Request for further processing: potential employer has requested data for further steps within hiring process.
    • Public Authorities: in the event that we enforce our rights, your personal data may be transferred to a third party (e.g. an Attorney-at-Law). If we are obliged to transfer your personal data by virtue of law or upon a request by a public authority (e.g. Czech Police), we have to do so.

    What Is the Period for Processing Your Personal Data?

    We shall process your personal data for the entire duration of the contractual relationship between you and us.

    In case your personal data processing is based on consent, your personal data shall be, in general, processed for 7 years or until such consent is withdrawn.

    Please note that the personal data necessary for the due rendering of services or for the fulfillment of all our duties, ensuing either from the contract between us or from generally binding legal regulations have to be processed regardless of whether you granted your consent for the period set out in the relevant legal regulations and in compliance therewith (e.g. tax documents must be processed for at least 10 years).

    The data obtained through the user account or in a similar way are processed for the period of using our services and then usually for 5 years after cancellation. Basic identification data and the information why the user account was canceled or information which is a part of operational advance deposits are usually stored for the relevant period.

    Personal Data Security

    Your personal data is safe with us. We have adopted adequate technical and organisational measures in order to prevent unauthorised access and misuse of your personal data.

    We are concerned about the protection of your personal data. Therefore we regularly check and improve our security. All communication between your device and our web servers is encrypted, Logins are hashed. The safety measures adopted are regularly updated.

    What Are Your Rights Related to Personal Data Protection?

    In relation to your personal data, you have in particular the right to withdraw your consent to the processing of your personal data at any time, the right to correct or supplement your personal data, the right to request restriction of processing, the right to raise an objection to or a complaint of the processing of your personal data, the right to access your personal data, the right to request the transfer of your personal data, the right to be informed of a breach of security of your personal data and, under certain conditions, the right to the deletion of certain personal data we process about you ("the right to be forgotten").

    Changes and Amendments

    You control your personal data mainly through your user account. Here you can change the basic and additional information about yourself.

    You can also contact us through our contact form.


    You may also claim the deletion of your personal data (this shall not apply to data in documents that are subject to the obligation of archiving under the law. In case we need your personal data to determine, execute or defend our legal claims, your request may be rejected.

    Lodging a Complaint

    If you believe that your personal data has been processed unlawfully, you are entitled to lodge a complaint at the Office for Personal Data Protection. However, we will appreciate if you address us first and we can try to resolve your concerns. You can always easily contact us through our contact form.

    This Personal Data Protection Policy including its parts is valid and effective from 18 October 2018.